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The world’s first permanent 
smoking screen
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& Ash

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Freedom from the hassles of smoking screens

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Revolutionary Design

Dynamic Openings

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Covered by patent rights issued and/or pending.

How can a screen have no holes?

Get a                  and see! 

SmoJo head’s asymmetric geometry versus the Pipe Bowl geometry creates dynamic openings that NEVER PERMANENTLY CLOG

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See Smojo® in Action

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Frequently Answered


Is Smojo safe?  

Stainless steel has been used for smoking screens for decades with no health or safety issues.   Smojo is made of surgical quality stainless steel and cannot be burned with a standard lighter.   This steel has been extensively studied and is safe if used as directed.   Do not touch Smojo when it is hot. (Smoking is known to cause a variety of health problems.) 

Will Smojo burn?  Why do I need to cure it?

You cannot burn Smojo with a standard cigarette lighter.  Heating stainless steel will “cure” it by forming a protective crystalline passivation layer that acts like glass, and can’t be burnt.   Smojo is made entirely of Type 304 Stainless, one of the most common types used for food service, medical and surgical equipment.  (see:

What does curing the Smojo do and how do I cure my Smojo?

Some people believe in curing metals to remove impurities and/or to create a harder, tougher and more stable metal. Please note that all Smojo’s are made with Surgical Stainless Steel in the U.S. and are steam cleaned prior to packaging so curing is not necessary. If you wish, you can cure Smojo by heating it with a lighter, but rest assured that your Smojo will be cured through normal use.  Technically speaking curing creates a layer of chromium oxide crystals on the surface turning the Smojo a metallic brownish.  Chromium oxide melts at 2435 °C (per

Cleaning Smojo - Why does Smojo turn black?  

As carbon based material burns, ash and resin are released and bond together to form a hard shell over the Smojo.  This build up is what clogs standard screens.  Smojo is designed to allow you to burn off excess build-up by heating the head red hot with your lighter then scraping it with a metal pick.  Any remaining black ash / resin build up after this process

will not impact the performance of your Smojo.

Why doesn’t Smojo clog?

Smojo has no holes that can permanently clog.  It uses dynamic apertures created by the geometry difference between the Smojo head and the pipe bowl.  These apertures change each time you use Smojo. If you cannot draw easily after cleaning Smojo, you can clean your Smojo and reuse it.

How do I get my Smojo out when I want to clean my pipe.  

If debris is blocking access to your Smojo, use a lighter and burn away excess debris.   Wait 30 seconds for Smojo to cool then use the larger end of a paperclip to loop a round the head and gently pull it out of pipe.  Strong tweezers or needle nose pliers may also be used to remove Smojo.

I've watched your video on cleaning. Can you share any other methods of cleaning and maintaining Smojo?

Yes, before you pack your bowl, check the draw...if not smooth and easy, use your lighter to burn off the built up resin around the gaps and use a poker to poke the gaps clean.  This should work the majority of times.


Occasionally, if that does not cure the problem, pop Smojo out using tweezers, paper clip, or needle nose pliers and clean it by holding it with tweezers and heating it with a lighter it until it glows a "dull orange" color. Please take care to be clear of any flammables and to avoid burning your self during this process.  We recommend that you do this over a glass surface such as a plate or clean ash tray so you can have a safe place to let Smojo cool before reinserting...this is a good time to clean your pipe bowl with your choice of cleaner....


After reinserting, always test by pretending to "ash the bowl" to make sure Smojo stays in place, if it comes out, spread the legs and re-insert.

How can i tell if a Smojo will fit my pipe before i buy it?


The 2 things to check are the size of the hole and the clearance beneath the hole.  If you have a set of drill bits, if the 1/8" drill bit slides through the hole at the bottom of your pipe to a depth of 3/8", Smojo should fit.  If the 1/8" drill bit will not slide through the hole there is little hope that Smojo will fit. Another test is to take several paperclips (normal not jumbo size) , straighten them out, and see how many can fit in through the hole at the same time,  4 is marginal, 5 or more and Smojo should fit.

Why is more ash getting through the bowl than expected?

The Smojo brand of permanent screen is designed to fit and work well in most single-hole glass pipes. The geometry of every glass bowl varies and this variation impacts the size of the gaps around Smojo in the bowl.  In our testing we found that Smojo blocks a significant portion of ash and ember in most single hole glass pipes.  We are always interested in hearing about your experience with Smojo and getting your feedback.

User feedback can be emailed to us with

I'm a retailer. How do I purchase Smojo for resell? 

Small resellers can order Smojo at the reseller price on Amazon B2B. Larger resellers and distributors should use the following link for information on purchasing:


Where to Buy?

Available Online 

and your local smoke shop


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Using caution on glass pipes, turn pipe upside down and insert Smojo, using a gentle rocking motion until the tail passes through the hole

If Smojo falls out, spread tails wider apart and re-insert

When needed, clean Smojo in alcohol then dry thoroughly or burn clean with lighter.

    For Best Results Clean Pipe First


Cleaning your Smojo®

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Freedom from the hassle of smoking screens

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